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Flagship product

Currently has various National and International certifications (IMO, BIO, AGRICERT, GLOBAL GAP, SENASIACA).

Not being conventional at all

Our garden is located in Michoacán; And although this fruit is conventional, it has been grown in a sustainable way and its sale helps us to develop our farmers to continue being certified and thus achieve not being conventional at all.

Huerta Ario de Rosales

The most common planting system in Ario de Rosales is the equilateral triangle staggered, the advantages of this system lie in the greater number of trees per unit area, the distance between trees varies between 8, 10 and 12 meters and the most common is the 8×8. SOILS: A good selection of soils for the establishment of the Ario de Rosales orchards for the cultivation of avocado will allow us to:

1.- Avoid loss

Avoid the loss of economic resources due to the failure to establish orchards in sites with no soil suitability.

2.- Conservation

The conservation of the forest in those areas with soils of marginal aptitude and of no aptitude.